A Bong Venturing over Fashion!



Fashion is not a trend. It’s the style we carry and portray that creates a significant impact on the onlookers. It may or may not be what the rest are following. If you are enticed by what others are keeping up with and drawn towards showcasing on the simar genre, then you are following the trend.

However, you can also emancipate your creativity on a particular style or look that’s either entirely new or derived from the humming trend. That would be a treat for others to follow and spread the warmth by rendering something similar, which becomes a trend. That is precisely what we call as setting a trend.

In my blog I would be majorly focusing on the trend initially to create a buzz across the posts, where we all can relate and adopt. Additionally there would be different looks created based on a festival or an occasion. It might be also inspired at times from any ace make up artists or latest trend.

So stay with me and keep showering your love as always. Xoxo! ❤️❤️

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