Aam Katha : Season’s Special by Mio Amore



We call it the seasons best yield…. Mango is Magical.. It has the ability to bring back our childhood smile.
Be it a rainy day or a sunny day, we fail to deny the royal taste. I planned to bring in some mango desserts for my guests to serve when I got to know about Aam Katha, Mio Amore named their mango special launches as Aam Katha. Needless to say I am so delighted to taste all three variants created with so much passion.

Mango Mousse is creamy and light with a dollop of delicious mango jam at the bottom, my 3 year old loved it and kept coming back for another spoon.

Mango pastry resembles a mango with few alternate layers of soft sponge and flavoured cream, with a lovely milk solid covering the top layer.

Last but not the least is the Mango Delight cake which took my breath away with it’s gooey mango icing wrapping the entire cake and milk solids complimenting the cake…. Honestly me, my family and all my guests and family loved them all….. Indeed a must buy to celebrate during this season and I would surely recommend it for all the efforts. Reasonably priced delicacies are waiting at our nearby stores.

The details of the products in the pictures attached :
1. Mango Mousse(Eggless) – ₹ 45/-
2. Mango Pastry – ₹ 35/-
3. Mango Delite – ₹ 325

Hope you found this information helpful, please do let me know your views on it through your comments. See you soon in my next article… Till then take care


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