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Hey all,

My name is Anindita Roy Sanyal (aka ARS / Ani / Mishtu). I am a Food, Beauty and Lifestyle blogger based in the City of Joy. I am very keen of trying out new products and places in order to enrich my views and knowledge over the same.

Life is beautiful and I believe every one should be optimistic and take an effort to stay happy. There must be a few things which interest your senses, and through this blog I am sharing ingredients of life which makes me happy. I have inclination towards heritage and culture which will reflect in the blog through my thoughts and eyes.

Bohobongsdiary will be mainly about Food, Beauty, Fashion and Travel. It’s my boutique style book that will be a bright space to be in with inspiring stories, colourful moments, worth sharing experiences and anything random and creative all under one roof.

Lifestyle posts will follow periodically along with Bohologues, a special category, where I might come up with anything that entices me under the sun through the grim and grime of our daily life.

I always had a flair for writing dairy and  guiding people when they seek advise from me which has driven me to share my experiences and thoughts through this blog. I hope you will like all that I post here. So follow my blog, keep sharing and stay Happy.

Anindita Says...

Herbal Essence Bio Renew Range – Shampoo & Conditioner Review



ey peeps, hope you are doing well. As summer is at it’s peak and we keep sweating profusely in this heat, we need to take good care of our hair since our scalp condition detoriates everytime we sweat leading to numerous health and hygiene issues. Oflet I came across Herbal Essences Bio renew range which treated me well. Going by that experience I tried their Argan Oil of Morocco Repair Shampoo and Cucumber and Green Tea Light weight Shine conditioner. Let's summarize my experience over the two products on my dry hair - Herbal Essences Bio Renew Argan Oil Repair Shampoo - Claims th

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Home Bakers from the City of Joy (Article I)



aking is an art. It's incredible to see so many dexterous bakers creating innumerable new flavours with their Out of the box creativity. Round of applause for them for managing their daily chores so skillfully along with baking. I have started ordering cakes from different bakers on different occasions and I will be sharing my experience for a few of them. 1). The Baker's Delight : Owned by the pretty gal Neha Bothra. Someone on whom I can always rely for finesse, grade and promptness. Every cake she delivers, we know It will be finished within no time.... Hands down! She is extremely swee

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