Chalo Let’s Bake – Initiative by Calcutta Foodies Club



Christmas is a season to celebrate, a season of presents, radiance, chilly breeze and cakes. We taste, we bake and share our happiness amongst our friends and family.

Recently our celebrated Social Group Calcutta foodies club organized an interesting event called chalo let’s bake. It was primarily a baking competition where participants presented two cakes each, one displayed for sale and another was showcased for the Visitors to taste and evaluate them. It was an open show and everyone represented their enthusiasm and dexterity through the masterpieces they created.


The best part of the event was even more beautiful because of the associated cause. The amount collected from the event was donated to an orphanage of 250 children at Aamtala, adopted by Nupur Tewari. She is an esteemed yoga professional based in Japan, who initiated ‘Heal Tokyo’ drive for homeless helpless children that’s creating revolution across the world amongst yoga believers and children who needs someone to stand by them. In a discussion with her, she also mentioned that this was her first visit to kolkata for meeting those kids she adopted, for the first time she was also here to commence her yoga centers across the city for the first time and for that She is looking for compassionate and benevolent souls to support her in the drive. Whoever is willing to join her in the drive and represent the kolkata team is more than welcome.

This entire event is organized by Eventus, a non profit organization who works with myriad willing sponsorers to support a drive and trigger awareness. There has been few significant events organized by them, that has gained recognition and accolades from many. Hat’s off to your dedication and it was a pleasure to be a part of such interesting event with an associated noble cause.

CFC has been gaining prominence for organizing such philanthropic events across the city to stand beside the deprived ones, in addition to their partisanship for food. With a group strength of 1.65 lac members and still growing, wish you all the best for all such beautiful future endeavors. Keep up the good work, it means a lot for umpteen Souls.

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