Home Bakers from the City of Joy (Article I)



Baking is an art. It’s incredible to see so many dexterous bakers creating innumerable new flavours with their Out of the box creativity. Round of applause for them for managing their daily chores so skillfully along with baking. I have started ordering cakes from different bakers on different occasions and I will be sharing my experience for a few of them.

1). The Baker’s Delight : Owned by the pretty gal Neha Bothra. Someone on whom I can always rely for finesse, grade and promptness. Every cake she delivers, we know It will be finished within no time…. Hands down! She is extremely sweet yet professional and dedicated to her work. There were occasions when I requested her to deliver a customised cake during eleventh hour and later pinged really late to confirm and I found her still baking. I would wholeheartedly recommend her for being so polite and perfect in her flavours. Few ordered from her is displayed below.

A).  Lemon cake with dry fruit Praline – A light and fluffy classic lemon flavoured anniversary cake with freshly made thin and crunchy pralines using chosen dryfruits.. Customised for parents who love non creamy tea cakes and they enjoyed it to the fullest.

B). Rasmalai Cake with White choclate and pistachios (Ordered Twice) – Specially customised cake with mild rasmalai flavour to fall in love with fenced by milky white…. I will keep ordering this time and again for sure.

C). Pinapple Mousse cake : Ordered this for my tiny sunshine. The fresh pineapple chunks and mild flavour blended in with the gooey chocolaty cream topped with fondant toys. My kid was ecstatic to find all his favourite characters on the cake.

Each one of them is extremel delectable and meeting all my customised parameters.

Contact : http://www.facebook.com/thebakersdelight

2). The Cake Factory : Owned by Sarbani Guha.
An extremely pretty Mom of two adorable 5 year old twin barbies. Her passion, her goals amidst her own chores speak beyond words. She portrays an extremely charming personality and treats her clients as family. The eversmiling lady endeavours her best to meet the specifications and personally handles from end to end. Hats off to such dedication. I am sharing all the cake details I had which are made by her.

A). Cinnamon cake with Dry Fruits – The heart shaped anniversary cake was a rich dry fruit cake blended with magical flavours of cinnamon and nutmeg, topped with a bountiful of kaju , almonds, walnuts and dry mangoes. It’s indeed a flavoursome treat to remember.

B). Coffee Chocolate Love – A bengali new year theme cake flavoured with coffee and chocolate, frosted with love using whipped cream. Looks and tastes mesmerising nice.

Contact : https://www.facebook.com/BakingMasters/

3). BNB Food Experiences : Owned by Srimoi Bhattacharya, a lively and young food curator and a baker. She blends in her passion while baking and that’s truly evident from her creations. The unique flavour and colour of her cakes will make a space in your memory forever. That’s not it, what’s worth mentioning is you can write a message for the cake, click a photo and send her, she will get it printed and deliver you with the cake for that special personalised touch…. Additionally she sends in flavoured jellies or curds to be served with the sliced pieces of the cake…. Now that is worth trying for sure and I strongly recommend her. Sharing details of the cake I ordered for Mother’s day.

A). Mango – Lemon Cake : A mango and Lemon cake filled  with fresh mango slices topped with a zesty mango curd. Accompanied by mango curd and lemon curd. Needless to say how it tasted, sharing few clicks of the cake for reference.

Contact : https://www.facebook.com/bnbbysrimoi/

Hope you find this article useful. Share your thoughts and views in the comment section below. Will come back soon with something interesting, till then take care. Much love. Xoxo.

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