Maam Pithe – Makar Sankranti Delicacy with a Twist!



Bong festivals are Timeless and worth celebrating for their cultural touch and aligned stories from the pages of our history. The tradition that we follow through generations makes us who we are amongst the world.

Makar Sankranti is one such festival, observed in the month of January and is celebrated by preparing traditional desserts at home that includes primarily ground rice and the Bong seasonal delicacy called jaggery.

Today I will be sharing the recipe of Maam Pithe, which is little different from the other Sankranti specialities as the primary ingredient used here is Cottage Cheese or Paneer and it’s worth mentioning that I decided to save it on my blog after being complimented by all.

So, let’s quickly take a look on the ingredients and the recipe.

Ingredients –

1. Cottage cheese or Paneer : 250gms

2. Ground Rice : 100gms

3. Semolina or Suji (Soaked in water) : 100gms

4. Flour : 50gms

5. Atta : 50gms

6. Cardamom powder : 2 tbsp

7. Mithai mate or Khowa : 100gms

8. Jaggary : 150gms

9. Ghee : 4 tbsp

10. Baking Powder : 1 tsp

11. Saunf or fennel seeds : 5gms

For Kheer

1. Full Cream Milk : 1.5 ml

2. Jaggary : 200gms

3. Cardamom powder : 2 tbsp

Steps to follow –

A. Fried Maam – Pithe :

1. Mash and knead the paneer to make it soft and smooth. Add warm milk to make it softer while kneading.

2. Now add rest of the pithe ingredients one by one and keep mixing evenly.

3. Once you get the desired consistency, use a ladle or your hand to place equal amounts of the pithe dough in the oil and fry untill they are golden brown from both sides.

Your Fried maam – pithe is ready to serve.

B. Kheer – Maam Pithe :

1. Reduce 3 packets of milk to one.

2. Add jaggary and cardamom powder according to your sweet tooth.

3. Once the kheer is thick and enticing, pour it on the fried pitha and serve.

Tip for a tastier serving : I added a little gurer makha sondesh (you can use home made sondesh or scrumbled kalakand as well to garnish, though that’s purely optional) before serving.

C. Gur – Maam Pithe :

Add liquid jaggary to the pitha and serve.

Since I have used paneer, it will be soft whenever you consume it. So enjoy your dessert and share with your loved ones. Take care.

Secret Behind such Naming : That’s how my 2 year old asked for it again❤….. ‘Maam Pithe’

P. C. Apologies for bad image quality, as all have been taken through mobile camera to click at each step for the ease of understanding.

Note : The featured image contains Gajar ka Halwa at the center too. I will post the recipe for the same shortly.

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