Mamagoto – A Must Try Pan Asian Casual Diner at Park Street



Winter evenings be like sipping on a lovely cocktail and gazing over the busy sparkling wintry roads of Park Street through the glass window overlooking the hustle bustle of the traffic.

This is how I felt when I visited Mamagoto recently. Moving on to the exclusive Pan Asian cuisine of the resto pub with an open kitchen, let’s see what I guzzled and is worth trying.

1. Mocktail – Cranberry and Kaffir lime punc : Kaffir lime leaves mixed with lime wedges and cranberry juice.

2. Cocktail – Forest Fog : Whisky is smoked with hickory wood and mixed with citrus juice to make this Smoked Surprise. Served with a stick of cinnamon covered under a huge glass dome filled with white smoke. It’s an amazing sight when you unravel the drink.

3.Rice cracker- Made out of Pad thai noodle, served with chilli paddy & som tom sauce.

4. 1990’s Chili Chicken – Wok tossed chicken with garlic, chili, soy and bell peppers. A must try from their new launch to cherish the golden memories.

5. Fiery thai shrimp fried rice with asian green chilli chicken ribbons – An exotic signature with thai spicy rice & flavours of seafood, served with salad, fried chicken ribbons & garnished with fried egg, served dry.

6. Dumplings – Green one is Chicken in pakchoi leaf & served with spicy black pepper sauce).

White translucent one is spicy prawn dumpling(also a Thai flavour dumpling).

7. Shrimp with Dry Red Chili – Tossed in Cheese Flavours and Burnt Garlic.

8. Dessert – Handmade American Style Chunky Caramel Sponge Cake, served with warm Toffee Sauce and Coconut Ice Cream.

They have indeed a lot more in the menu to celebrate with a pocket pinch of INR1500 for two, that gives me a gogo reason to revisit.

Thank you so much for such courteous hospitality.

Few Glimpses of the People and the Place –

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