Mio Amore – An indelible visit to the Kasba Production Unit



When the cosmos keeps dazing at the neoteric launches and wonders about the praxis being followed while contriving them .. How about some behind the curtain scenes!!

Recently I was invited as the only food blogger to our Mio Amore Production Unit at Kasba to have a comprehensive view of how they operate. You will be surprised to know, how decently it’s being maintained from corner to corner. I was escorted by their esteemed supervisor throughout my walk and was taken to each and every section right from dough making to despatch.

Few things that gained my attention –

1. All raw items received from the vendor are critically checked and cleaned.

2. Neatness is well maintained and audited from time to time.

3. Qualified experts are taking care of designated areas like items per outlet, quality check, cleanliness, order despatch in time, order handling and many more.

4. All employees are using proper caps, gloves and sanitizing modes to keep it hygienic during cooking and despatch.

5. Equipments used for cooking and baking are up to date and all the kitchens are equipped with modern amenities to deliver the best. You may also be interested to know that the entire production unit is centrally air conditioned. Along with it, it goes without saying they are constantly working on innovative and enticing launches to keep up their mark in the industry.

Besides the regular snacks, I am privileged enough to see how they make special cakes from their lovely catalog. It was a treat to see each and every section with much detailed inspection. All of them are well trained, well aware of the products and the process.

There are 187 Mio Amore outlets across Bengal, the farthest being Burdwan and Durgapur. So the first delivery van of the day starts at around 5 to 5:30 AM every morning from the Kashba production unit to travel and reach the outlets in time. Any complaints regarding a product is well handled with feedback to rectify and avoid the same in future. However all the products are marked with the manufacturing and expiry date clearly on it and there are designated supervisors to check the cold storage status at each and every outlet across all of them.

Sounds promising? Indeed.. There are many things which are coming up too along with the existing specials like you can order customised chicken internet of 1 KG size or you can customize your own cake and that takes just 48 hours to reach you. So order accordingly and enjoy exploring Mio Amore as they are working hard tirelessly to surprise us every single day with something unique.

Hat’s Off Mio Amore! Way to go….

Production Unit Sneak Peeks –


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