Sonar Tori – Destination for a Traditional Bong Maestoso Feast



Remember the amusing tales we used to hear from our Thakuma and Dadu(Grandparents)? Stories about Zamindars from early 20th century.. The brobdingnagian Ceilings, Easy Chair, Brass Utensils, Indoor Plants in huge metal Vases, exquisite Paintings and hand grinded Masala aroma enchanting the rooms and the long verandas… Cooked by the age old responsible and experienced home cook. This is how it used to be.. Now we don’t get to see or feel such Royal Bong tradition anywhere around us.

However, Sonar Tori, a newly launched restaurant in City Center1 promises to bring back your memories from the past or shall take you to an ambience where you feel how elegant it used to be, in terms of food, decor and the concept.

This is a part of the original Sonar tori nested at Ganga Kuthir, Ffort Raichak, built and designed by none other than Ambuja Neotia.

Apart from sumptuous and royal ala carte, they have a series of multiple lavish set menus for both veg and non veg with a princely amount of courses, all that our grannies can think of. The one which I tried is a Non veg set menu that systematises from a welcome drink (Fruti Ghol, made of real fruits and doi). Then it’s followed by an appetizing set served Non veg starters served in Brass Utensils that consists of lotte machher bora, baganer moshla diye chingri(prawn with garden fresh spices) , lonka dhone bhapa machh(Chili Coriander Fish), morgir ghoti kebab, mutton shami kebab all accompanied by a tantalizing dhaniya chutney (coriander sauce) with a slice of lemon and chilli. Now comes the main Meal with alu bhate, daal bhate, kumro bhate (mashed and spiced up boiled potato, pulses and pumpkin), alu gobi fri, gajar beet fry, kolmi saag fry. Staples contain coconut chholar daal, bamun barir pulao, plain rice and luchi. Non veg sides contain vetki paturi, alu potol rui machher jhol, posto murgi, kosha mangsho, kosha alu dom, needless to say how scrumptious the spread was. After a little breather while you’re table gets cleaned up, be prepared to dig into some lip smacking raw mango chutney with aloo papad, sabudana papad and moong daal papad. Dessert embraces your bong heart with a mouthwatering kamala bhog and unquestionably home style cooked Payasam (Rice Kheer). Now that you finally managed to reach this point of Devine meditation, you can enjoy your sweet pan and digest the crowd inside your stomach slowly with a lot of patience and gleefully closed eyes.

Apart from the main sitting space, they have two private cabins for 8 to 12 seaters which available on prior booking. Restaurant stays open from 11 to 3:30pm and then again from 7pm to 11pm. Pocket pinch is 2.2 K for two.

Along with the enchanted feeling of being in that era for an hour, the uber comforting gesture and the decency of all the staff members tranquilizes your soul along with the array of beautiful chandeliers on the ceiling. A perfect choice specially if you want to treat your parents and grandparents.

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