Ekdalia Road – All that we wanted in our City!



place where every corner tells narrates a story.. The whole idea of serving succulent dishes with utmost care and simultaneously supporting social causes entices me from the core of my heart. Yes, I had a notably Lovely experience on my first visit to the newly opened Ekdalia road, a food joint designed by Surojit, a former UK based software architect. What we ordered - 1. Ice tea Sawaana - The Soul Calming filtered fragrance casts a spell. 2. Bacon wrapped Prawns - Undoubtedly one of the best experience amongst the wrapped starters served with papaya dip. 3. Fish Steak

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Digging into Delectable Regale at Chili’s, Acropolis Mall



ongs are often retitled as 'Mechho' (colloquial name for fish lovers), and I proudly fall into that category. Being fervent about food for me has a different meaning. Asunder from the basic quality and quantity, I look for the innovation with the common ingredients around us. So what's in Tummy - Tempting new menu - A couple of days ago during the new menu launch at Chili's, Acropolis, I experienced Lemon Caper Fish for the first time. A luxuriant size of a Bhetki fillet, grilled to soften, followed by cooking it up with creamy lemon caper sauce (sauce prepared with tiny picked capparis

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