Poila Boisakh Menu at XII Zodiac, Fern Residency



engali New Year aka Poila Boisakh is the perfect time to savor traditional bengali spread. Our recipes are sumptuous and spicy from starter to dessert. Each one of them has it’s own charm. As Poila Boisakh is just few days away, we all must be planning for a lovely lunch. So, let's have a look at the poila boisakh menu at XII Zodiac restaurant at Fern Residency hotel. This will be available on 14th and 15th April (Sunday and Monday). Tariffs would be INR 896/- for both Veg and Non - Veg Buffet and INR 1196/- for Veg and Non - Veg Buffet inclusive of all taxes with unlimited food and alco

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