Ekdalia Road – All that we wanted in our City!



place where every corner tells narrates a story.. The whole idea of serving succulent dishes with utmost care and simultaneously supporting social causes entices me from the core of my heart. Yes, I had a notably Lovely experience on my first visit to the newly opened Ekdalia road, a food joint designed by Surojit, a former UK based software architect. What we ordered - 1. Ice tea Sawaana - The Soul Calming filtered fragrance casts a spell. 2. Bacon wrapped Prawns - Undoubtedly one of the best experience amongst the wrapped starters served with papaya dip. 3. Fish Steak

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Plan your Valentine’s day by the Ganges at Floatel


There is no specific day to celebrate love. Every day is valentines day. February being the month to remind us the same. Amongst the hectic schedule of our life around the daily hustle bustle of the city, we might keep forgetting to let our near ones know, how much we love them and need them beside us. What's in Store for us - The legendary floating hotel of Kolkata promises to bring us back our cherished memories with our loved ones while dining there nestled by Ganges on 14th February.  There will be a sumptuous array of fusion delicacies along with traditi

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