Thali Festival at Kenilworth



Our country is acclaimed for it’s enriched culture. Different parts of the nation is known for their distinctive heritage.

While I cherish being in such a wonderful country, I came across the thali festival happening at Kenilworth few days back.

Needless to say how beautifully the platters were curated, embracing specialities from North to South, East to West.

Be it Veg or Non Veg, the rigorous care of the flavours and the presentation dedicated to the state it represented, blew away my mind.

Let’s have a quick glimpse of what I had..

1. Rice

2. Pardaa Naan and Amritsari Kulcha

3. North Indian Daal Makhani

4. Panjabi Paneer Butter Masala

5. Panjabi Makai Palak

6. Rajasthani Methi Matar Malai

7. Kashmiri Gaad T Tamatar

8. Panjabi Chicken Makhani

9. Kashmiri Mutton Roganjosh

10. Rasgulla

11. Yoghurt

12. Green Salad

All of these would purely remind you of the authentic ‘Mitti Ka Swad’…. Along with a lovely ambience.

It’s worth mentioning how Chef Khemraj Bhatt casts a spell over to make it even more blissful.

Last but not the least Abhishek, thank you so much for your decent hospitality and gesture.

Keep an eye on the upcoming festivals and what’s not to miss in Kenilworth in my upcoming posts. Till then Much love and Takecare.

.. And this is how they looked when served –

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