The Lalit Great Eastern Kolkata – A walk through Kolkata’s Heritage and Culture



Greetings with nalen gurer Sondesh (Sweet made with date palm jaggery) along with a lovely welcome note introducing the guests to our Bong Culture. Once you step out of the room, there stands an array of date palm trees, throughout the hallway bespeaking about the source from where jaggery is garnered.

Amazing isn’t it? In between those trees, you will find an array 4 sitter tables, made up of heritage thick Black Stone top and authentic heavy wooden legs and base. The traditional vase placed at the center of the table is a reutilised copper ice cream scoop of the 19th century, with the icon of the heritage Great Eastern Hotel, engraved on it.

How enticing it feels when you walk through the heavy wooden windows and stone finished table on both sides, displaying Bengal’s Terracotta art in vases and frames. The spiral wooden stairs, spacious porches , with their intricate cornices, elaborate wrought-iron grills, and open terrace windows, the checker board pattern on the floor and the calmness is bound to make you nostalgic and take you back during 18th century, with esteemed guests visiting from far off countries and zaminders staying for the prestige and honour.

It’s being apprised that they still receive guests and parcels looking for the reminiscences of their old patrons who had either stayed here or have left for heavenly abode from here and could never return to their country. So intriguing it is! There are facts that are bound to raise our eyebrows in surprise. Let’s talk about one such gospel.

This part of the hotel is supported by hefty riveted iron bars, the same structure that supports Howrah bridge. What amuses our mind is, these same structures are used a 100 years before the actual bridge is being contructed. (Just to add, we can also see the bridge from the rear glass windows).

That’s the Victorian part of the building, preserving our legendary heritage through centuries. Now, let me take you to the newest contemporary part, which is equipped with all modern amenities, shine and glamour across the alleys and rooms.

The moment you step into this section, you will be welcomed with a vein relaxing lemongrass aroma. One edge of the entrance leads you to the spa and rejuvination segments.

There are 8 such treatment rooms of 3 lovely categories worth mentioning..

First one is the most imperative Deep tissue massage rooms for much needed relaxing body massage and spa.

Second one being the echt Keralian Shirodhara treatment room with Lovely wooden beds for rejuvinating oil drips and arome therapy followed by soul healing massage.

The 3rd one is the most exclusive and inescapable (available only at Great Eastern) is the aqua bed or the Shower bed treatment room with a porcelain bath bed on top of a wooden bunk for an entire body scrubbing, polishing and other treatments.

There is a couple treatment room as well for couples and friends coming in together. All these rooms are equipped with a lovely washbasin and a shower room for a post session rinse.

Besides they have seperate steam rooms for sauna amd shower too for both ladies and gents.

A beautiful salon with all white furnishing with an exclusive bridal makeover bridal treatment room awaits you near the spa reception. You can also select for Dokra, Teracotta, handprinted and few other mementos (specialties from different districts of Bengal) available at the AUM Shop, the in-house handicraft shop. You can also buy Elphie their official mascot from the store.

Moving on to the Victorian side of the building, the palatial space that is now getting renovated will be inaugurated next year with numerous other amenities and surprises to unfold from the Bong heritage and more.

Besides, the rooms Lalit’s Restaurants are one of the prime attractions of the city of joy as always specially during winter festive season.

They operate via five FnB outlets. Namely, ALFRESCO, the 24/7 coffee shop which also serves liquor all through the day. The Tea Lounge connecting the lobby to Alfresco is a unique tea bar, serving 32 different varieties of tea along with traditional Bengali, English and Great Eastern hi-tea options.

There is a banquet at the entrance on the left from the main reception for private parties and groups dinings. If u look on the right, the stairs will take you first to The Tea Lounge and next to ALFRESCO followed by a live singing corner playing all the proffered tracks for the guests.

This corner is adjacent to Alfresco, the fine dining area on the other side. Moving on to the restaurant, they have a lovely 50 sitter buffet space, few tables placed by the lotus pond, sundered by glass walls.

Few glimpses from a winter special Carnival below –

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning about the reception that too preserves legendary stories from the past. There is an approximately 150 year old piano retrieved and maintained from decades adding to it’s charm, including a belgium mirror, heritage manual stamp and an auspicious fish head structure (as per bong culture) at the entrance facing wall to wish every visitor stepping in.

Few glimpses of the decently maintained swimming pool, gym and the property..

Built in 1841 as the “Auckland Hotel” and is the longest continuously operating luxury hotel in Asia, Lalit promises to rise and shine through ages with their prime mantra on ‘Inclusivity’.

They say – ‘Being inclusive is the need of the hour. It brings creativity, drives originality of thought, helps us understand our customer better. It is important for an organization to be inclusive – as a brand we understand our clients better and as an employer your employees are happier and loyal as they bring their whole self to work.

The LaLiT, has made numerous efforts to help, skill and empower  people from the marginalised communities such as differently abled, acid attack survivors, LGBTQ+. We celebrate diversity and welcome all with a message of #PureLove!

We are proud to have you in our City of Joy Lalit. All our best wishes for you. Keep winning.

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